11 Tips To Improve Your Website

11 Tips To Improve Your Website

website: Being online today is no longer enough. To be successful and to excel, you need to offer Internet visitors more than just an electronic business card or a seller’s warehouse. Coming up with a new idea while performing a number of daily responsibilities can be very challenging. When you think that you have exhausted all available resources and you have nothing to enrich your presentation on the Internet, let yourself be inspired by the following lines .

WEB is not a business card, e-shop is not a warehouse

Many owners present their business on the Internet with a website that looks more like a business card. It links to a contact page, possibly billing information and information about when and how the company was founded. Such a presentation is for the Internet visitor without any added value and brings its owner only a minimal profit .

The e-shop makes it a bit easier on the Internet, but the growing demands of the Internet visitor are forcing you to start thinking about the steps that will move your business forward in this area of ​​business as well .

Time for change

During your years of business, you have certainly developed into experts in the field, but you have also succumbed to stereotypes . When pursuing your business goals, you focus on your own needs . In order to succeed, you follow the competition, which usually thinks and acts similarly to you.

If you want to stay and succeed in the competition, it’s time for a change .

1. The change you have to go through is to change your mindset about your own business. Don’t just try to sell. Start looking at your business through the eyes of your clients.

The success of your online business is reflected in the connection between design, content, sales strategy and marketing. In order for a website to fulfill its purpose – to sell goods or services and make a profit – it must make a good impression on the potential customer, attract, inspire confidence, prove your expertise and say what to do.

A modern website must meet several parameters:

  • friendly design (yes, despite many opinions, the design of the website is also justified)
  • fast loading
  • easy navigation
  • clear and understandable structure
  • quality information that is understandable to the site visitor
  • call to action

The world of the Internet is also subject to fashion trends, but some strategies for attracting customers in the online world will always remain relevant. There are still many ways in which you can make your website more attractive to the internet visitor.

You have 10 seconds

Do you know how long users stay on the website? Users usually leave the website in 10-20 seconds . Sites with a clearly defined value can keep people’s attention longer. Internet users are human beings and their behavior is very variable. Just as people are in a hurry in real life, so are users on the web.

Internet users are very skeptical today. Their experience is influenced by a large number of poorly designed websites. People know that most websites are useless and behave accordingly. By leaving quickly, they want to avoid wasting their time, and they don’t stay on the bad side more than necessary.

1. Capture with uniqueness

Judgment on your website will be rendered by an Internet user in 10 seconds. Try answering a potential site visitor’s question: “Why should I spend my time on this site?”

Your answer must be quick, clear and convincing . Your unique sales statement is the key to your success. When formulating a sales statement, focus on your specifics, the advantages that set you apart from the competition. Be careful, however, not to get carried away and not compare with the competition and in any case do not blacken it. Negative statements on the part of the competition may be perceived by a potential customer as your own negative.

If the website survives the first 10 seconds of the judgment, it must still convince the visitor of its value . After more than 30 seconds, the risk of leaving the site at a slow pace decreases and there is a real chance that the user will spend more time on your site.

There are people with different thought processes among internet visitors and for different reasons to visit your website . Some want to buy immediately, others are looking for detailed information about your products or services, others are interested in the conditions of purchase. Part of the decision-making process for visitors to stay or leave your website is the information you offer them . You can be interested in an interesting product, service or content.

2. Create a website design for users

Opinions differ on the importance of website design. Some put website design in first place, others do not attach an important function to design features. The truth will be somewhere in the middle. Website design also influences a customer’s decision to stay or leave.

The experience of testing one e-shop also testifies to the fact that design plays a role in the selection. Loyal customers responded positively to the design change. The new customer, who decided to buy from 3 e-shops with a similar focus, stated in the interview that she decided to choose a specific e-shop based on the design.

Design that respects the natural needs of users can become a powerful and strategic tool for innovation. Good design can significantly increase the attractiveness of a website and thus strengthen its competitiveness. By combining good design and engaging content , your site can be a direct success. Getting in touch with a Miami web design company can help you make sure your website design needs are met in a proper manner.

3. Think of responsive design

We will stay with the design for a while longer. The number of owners of mobile devices , such as smartphones and tablets, is constantly growing, and so is the number of Internet users of these devices. Think of this group of potential customers who can make a significant contribution to the growth of your profits.

In order for a page to be displayed well on mobile devices to Internet users, it must have a responsive design , ie a design that adapts the content of the website or e-shop to mobile devices. If your website isn’t adapted to display on mobile devices, you may see a significant drop in traffic.

Responsive design has already been included by Google, and if you don’t have it, your search engine rankings will move lower. If you want to know if your website is “mobile-friendly” , you can test it with this simple mobile website test .

4. Pay attention to the loading speed of your website

The speed of the load and the website has a big impact on the use of your site by potential customers. We will do it again. Internet users are impatient. If the website loads slowly, the potential customer leaves your website very quickly and leaves the competition. Website loading speed contributes to your profit. You can test the loading speed of your website on all devices online and yourself, for example with PageSpeed ​​Insights .

5. Offer interesting content

You can get the attention of an internet user with engaging and rich content .

Copied sales texts do not provide reasonable value to website visitors. Relevant content is an ideal way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

That is, stop copying texts from suppliers and competitors and start working on your own texts. Offer interesting texts not only at the e-shop, but also on the company website . Focus on the area, product, service, feature that your target customer is interested in. Give him the information he is looking for. Emphasize the benefits of the product or service in the text . Support the written text with high-quality photos , complete graphs, tables with comments, shoot videos .

If you regularly offer enough information about the products you sell on your website, you have a better chance that the customer will buy the goods from you.

With your own original content, you earn plus points in several levels:

  • you will gain the reputation of an expert
  • your website will become searchable and increase your traffic
  • As traffic increases, the chances of an increase in orders increase
  • improve your search engine rankings
  • you will get more backlinks
  • you are different from the competition

6. Use photos and videos

In general, product photos are a great way to bring product specifics closer to customers. Large and detailed shots give users the opportunity to see the product in detail and imagine the product as it actually looks.

Forget about small images with insufficient detail that restrict the user. Quality photos with a lot of detail create a good springboard to create a positive user experience.

At present, video users enjoy the attention of Internet users. Searchable includes videos that provide detailed information about the product and its usability. Use video to present your products, services and company.

Imagine a video as an online salesperson that explains the features of a product and shows the product to a customer in a store. Although the popularity of videos on the Internet is growing rapidly , 1 thing has not changed. Even when watching a video, Internet users are impatient and prefer short videos.

Videos are a great marketing tool for your presentation on social networks.

7. Write articles

A blog creates an ideal space for the presentation of your services or products. Make it easier for customers to choose and compare similar products for them. Write about your customers’ experiences and offer them to potential customers.

You are an expert in your field, so share your knowledge and experience with visitors to your site. Keep in mind that an area you know intimately may be completely unknown to someone and will appreciate your information.

The articles will increase your expertise in the eyes of potential customers . Show a site visitor that you understand your work. If you convince a potential customer that you are an expert, there is a high probability that they will buy from you.

And again there is SEO . Search engine placement is closely tied to content. Articles can give you better search engine rankings and lots of backlinks. Better positions, backlinks, and social sharing create a natural way to increase traffic to your website.

Articles are the best way to get customers’ attention on social media. People use social networks for relaxation and entertainment, and you can provide them with your articles.

8. Answer

The reasons for visiting your website are various. People before you make a decision to buy, want to hear the answers to your questions. They want the answers now. If they can’t find them with you, they keep looking elsewhere and you’ve lost a potential customer.

Provide visitors to your website with answers to all the spoken and unspoken questions that bother them . The impetus for your answers are questions from your customers, but also questions from your target group in discussion forums.

9. Increase the font

It doesn’t matter if you sell a product on the web, offer services or just inform. We assume that the texts on your website have a role to play and one of them is to bring you a profit. Text on the Internet is one of the sources of your income. If the text is to be your source of income, it must be readable by the reader . Key issues with websites include the font size used when writing text. If people have trouble reading a text, they have trouble understanding it. Does the text on your website then make sense?

Suppose 1 in 10 visitors to your website has eye problems. Of the other 9 readers, most will strain when reading fonts smaller than 16 pixels, even if they don’t realize it. The harder it is to read the text, the less the reader will understand its content. Stop forcing your visitors to read the magnifying glass or teach them to enlarge text on your device. Give them a reading whose content they can enjoy in a pretty comfortable way. To increase the number of readers of your texts, adjust the font size.

10. Borrow what works

Borrow an idea that appealed to you from competitors and try it out. Don’t copy directly, but tune the idea to your own needs and the needs of your customers. If you use proven patterns, the result can come quickly.

11. Upgrade

Think of strategies that have worked for you in the past. You gain new experiences every day, so try dusting off old procedures and look at them today. What would you be able to use from them today? Sometimes it is enough to change something small, insignificant at first glance and the result can be highly effective.

Upgrade, try, test until it works.

If you want to move forward, start making changes today. Choose at least 1 point from this list and try to implement it on your site. If you succeed, share your success with others.

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