Big Data In Digital Energy

Big Data In Digital Energy

Big Data In Digital Energy: The energy sector is undergoing a transformation that originates in the impact that new energy technologies are causing: how energy is consumed, where, and when. Since the paradigm is changing, companies in the energy sector are joining the digital transformation by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, or IoT.

Those attending this event could enjoy presentations that, in this first edition, have revolved around themes about all stages of the digitization process, from infrastructures to business processes and services: market analysis, predictive maintenance, digitization systems, etc.

Big Data for energy prediction and predictive maintenance

In it, he explained the Big Data techniques in Energy to analyze the data and extract behavior patterns, which makes it possible to provide predictions of energy production and demand and determine abnormal behavior patterns, and alert incidents in the teams.

Prediction of energy production from renewable sources

Predictions of energy production (wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal) so that companies that produce or manage renewables can plan more efficiently to cover energy demand.

Prediction of energy demand

Prediction of energy demand to provide trading companies with an hourly forecast that meets customers’ needs and provides them with a better service.

Predictive maintenance in energy

An incident alert system or abnormal behavior patterns so that energy-producing companies can identify and act on problems in the energy generation processes. This service is being applied in conventional and wind power plants, such as wind turbines and plates, and also in network elements, such as transformers, switches, disconnectors, and meters.

Detection of energy fraud

Service that allows the detection of fraudulent patterns of behavior in electricity consumption. Applied to electricity, gas, and water, the company knows the probability of fraud being committed at each installation and successfully directs its inspection campaigns.

Prediction of electric vehicle demand

Simulator that allows simulating the load demands or storage possibilities of this energy agent: the electric vehicle for Red El├ęctrica. With it, precious information is obtained that provides demand management.

The Digital Energy event took place at the Hotel Ilunion Pio XII in Madrid and was aimed at professionals in the energy sector at all stages (engineers, EPC specialists, experts in electricity companies, marketers, public administration, etc.) and all interested persons in digital transformation in the energy sector.

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