Cloud Computing: The 5 Main Features

Cloud Computing: The 5 Main Features

Cloud computing is one of the greatest modern IT revolutions; with the features, we will show you, you will not do without it.

Before we see what the top 5 benefits of cloud computing and cloud services are, let’s briefly see what they are.

Cloud computing is, in simple terms, remote access to computers, storage systems, computing machines, and databases. All of these services are provided via the Internet and accessible by subscription.

It is a competitive and low-cost service. It also guarantees access to resources from almost any device.

Now that you understand what we’re talking about let’s get to the heart and see the top 5 benefits of cloud computing.


Cloud computing allows you to access high-performance hardware without purchasing and owning it. When you sign up for a subscription, you can access machines with great computing power via the Internet.

This allows you to reduce the initial costs for purchasing a “powerful” computer, thanks to monthly – or annual – subscriptions suited to your needs.


Of course, it always depends on the company you are targeting. Cloud computing services benefit from the most sophisticated cybersecurity systems in existence. Still, the main ones, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon (as well as the three biggest giants in the cloud field), invest huge resources in the security of their services.

 This way, you can access machines with high computing capacity and enjoy maximum security. So we can say that the cloud is safe, but you always have to use your head.

Less Human Energy

Relying on a cloud computing service allows you to save human energy since, as we have seen, subscribing to a provider guarantees the highest possible efficiency in terms of quality and safety.

You and your collaborators and/or employees can save energy on these areas and focus more on the work to be done. The cloud providers take care of the rest.


Cloud services are delivered through monthly or annual subscriptions; in this way, you can decide how long to use the service, but not only.

In fact, the providers offer different solutions suitable for all categories of workers at competitive prices. It starts from basic services for a few euros per month, suitable for small businesses, individual professionals, or even individuals, up to customized solutions to be agreed upon with the distribution companies so that you can take full advantage of cloud computing.

The Characteristics of Cloud Computing; Access Is Always Available

Whether you have a high-end PC or an older tablet, cloud computing services are accessible everywhere. The only requirement is to have a medium-level internet connection.

This is another huge advantage, as it allows you to access databases, computing power, or storage space from any device. You can have complete control of the data anywhere if you have an internet connection. But there are so many other benefits of cloud computing.

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