Customer Experience: CX. A Handful Of Statistics And Advice

Customer Experience: CX. A Handful Of Statistics And Advice

Customer experience, i.e., Customer Experience, is an area of ​​company management. This branch studies the emotions and experiences of the customer related to a given brand.

Using a product or service always results in a specific interaction; as a result, the customer builds specific associations. It is precisely these associations that CX explores.

Core areas of CX

The customer experience is primarily about sales processes, and what is important here is the way in which the user “experienced” the purchases and what memories they had with them.

Another area is the customer’s associations with a given brand and its marketing activities. What matters is whether the style of advertising, its message, evokes emotions and whether it is positive.

Other issues include experience with the service or product (buyer and other buyers’ opinion, brand reputation) and customer service (i.e., the interaction between buyers and company employees).

Why is it so important?

Currently, CX is something that cannot be overlooked. After all, every opinion is available to all other buyers. It turns out that the customer’s experience has a remarkable impact on the company’s finances, as sales results depend on it. Nowadays, users expect good, trouble-free service, and the entrepreneur must meet these expectations, right? But if we manage to keep up with our customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences, our success is guaranteed.

So what should we do? Statistics come to our aid.

What You Should Know About CX

First, consumers are inclined to make purchasing decisions based solely on experience. Many are also willing to purchase a premium service if they get access to better serve as a result.

The largest companies are already changing their structures and solutions to customers’ expectations. Comfort and speed count here. Industry specialists predict that business success will depend mainly on CX in the near future.

There is a huge convergence between customer loyalty and how good the experience a brand offers. If its services are associated with convenience at every stage, the consumer is unlikely to want to change his habits.

The most important thing is to understand your customers’ needs. If we know how to proceed and what to change to meet their expectations, we have a better chance of success in the future. Examples include a specific shipping method or a unique, convenient subscription mechanism.

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