No More Facebook Analytics. What’s Next?

No More Facebook Analytics. What’s Next?

On June 30 this year, Facebook turned off the Facebook Analytics tool. This news came out in April and immediately shocked the marketing industry as the app had helped brands improve their marketing efforts for many years.

However, there is no need to cry over spilled milk – it remains to find another tool for data analysis as soon as possible so that the profitability ratio remains at least at the same level. Below you will find some of our suggestions.

Hootsuite Analytics

This tool will be perfect if you are looking for a clear panel that will monitor data and enables post planning and community management. It allows you to measure:

  • post and video coverage,
  • clicks
  • number of comments and shares,
  • follower stats
  • and the overall performance of the posts.

Hootsuite prepares reports based on this data, making our work easier. Documents can be adapted to our needs downloaded in CVS, PDF, or PowerPoint formats. The app also checks marketers’ performance by measuring response time and overall productivity.

The advantage of this tool is that it works with Facebook and Instagram and with other platforms: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – unlike the others on our list.

Facebook Business Suite

This application appeared at the end of 2020. It is comprehensive: it allows you to send messages, manage ads, schedule posts and collect data. In addition, by using it, we also have access to Facebook Insights – a tool dedicated to creating audience metrics, our posts, and our profile.

It is this plugin that can successfully replace Facebook Analytics. It has four panels:

  • Overview, which shows a summary of all indicators on one page,
  • Trends, which gives you an insight into the reach of the site during the week,
  • Content that shows the effectiveness of individual posts or ads,
  • The audience shows the age, gender, and location of the current and potential audience.

Facebook Creator Studio

This tool is similar to Insights but allows more in-depth analysis. Works with Facebook and Instagram and allows you to measure:

  • overall performance
  • involvement of followers, as well as who recently observed or unsubscribed you,
  • profit from monetization (e.g., live streaming),
  • Audience retention tells you how many people watched your video or when it was turned off, so you know what your audience likes and dislikes.

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