Doing Email Marketing Without Spam: Useful Tips

Doing Email Marketing Without Spam: Useful Tips

How to do Email Marketing by avoiding your emails and newsletters ending up in the spam box?

Email Marketing allows those who have a business to strengthen the relationship between their brand and the audience, allowing them to retain existing customers and attract new potential. The emails sent, however, risk ending up in the spam section of the user boxes, and it is important to avoid this happening to ensure that they are really effective. In this guide, we will discover together how to do email marketing without spam.

What Is Email Marketing, And What Is It For

Email marketing is a particular type of direct marketing that uses the electronic mail tool as a channel to send messages aimed at attracting new potential customers and retaining those who have already been reached.

A specific online advertising activity called Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is sending an advertising email to a pre-selected list of users.

How To Prevent Email From Being Considered Spam

Here are some useful tips to prevent your email from being perceived as spam.

Beware Of The Database Building

It consists in collecting over time a list of recipients who have given their explicit consent to receive communications without carrying out unethical and harmful practices such as purchasing a database of recipients.

Take Care Of The Content And Form Of The Email.

Spam filters are particularly sensitive to the presence, even in the subject and body of emails, of words that could be understood as spam. For this reason, it is advisable to choose and communicate your message appropriately and, more specifically, to avoid:

  • make mention of sensitive topics ;
  • use supply and urgency indicators (for example “free”, “gift”, “hurry up”, “limited time”);
  • insert a call to action on orders and purchases (“order now”, “buy now”);
  • using abused expressions with words recognized as spam (“you will not believe your eyes”).

However, working on the words in the email’s text is not enough to avoid 100% that your message ends up in spam.

In the same way, in fact, in addition to the content, it is necessary to work on the form. For example, don’t overdo it with exclamation marks, ellipsis, and capitalized words, which could set off an alarm bell in spam filters.

Original Images And Quality Links

Avoidingembedded” images viewed with suspicion by spam filters is advisable. Other “watched special” spam filters are linked: they must be intact (i.e., working), clean (not blocklisted), and reliable (authoritative).

Monitor The Sending And Receiving Of Emails

Once you have built your emails in the best possible way, it is important to trace their path once sent so as to be able to identify delivery errors and, if necessary, eliminate “bounces” from your database, that is, recipients who do not receive the emails. -mails sent because their address is wrong, because their mailbox is full, or for other reasons.

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