IBM, Claro, SAS, and GVT: We Talked To The HRs Of These Companies. Check Out!

IBM, Claro, SAS, and GVT: We Talked To The HRs Of These Companies. Check Out!

HR, Seeking challenges, having logical thinking and attention to detail, keeping up to date, having contact with the constant evolution of technological innovations, and being prepared to work in an environment open to changes and new ideas. These are some of the characteristics that a professional needs to have to work in the technology industry. “In general, the market demands dynamism from young professionals and expects them to always keep well informed. Technology evolves very fast, and it must keep pace”, points out Renata Prudente, HR director at Claro.

The selection processes usually include CV assessment, language level, and logical reasoning tests, as well as interviews with HR, managers, and even directors, depending on the position. According to recruiters from large technology companies, in the interview, it is important for the candidate to demonstrate that he knows the culture and values ​​of the company he is interested in joining. They are increasingly concerned with the so-called “cultural fit”. “Companies believe that people with values ​​aligned with theirs will build a more solid relationship with them”, says career consultant Andreia Oliveira.

Find out what recruiters from large technology companies consulted by Na Prática highlight about their selection processes:

Tato Athanase, HR Manager at SAS

“It is important for young people to dedicate themselves to studies and get good grades from childhood. This will increase your chances of getting into a renowned college, something that will become a differentiator on your resume. When preparing for a selection process, the candidate needs to prepare in advance, seeking as much information as possible about the company where he will be interviewing and the position being offered. During the conversation with the interviewer, it is essential to always speak the truth, describe your professional experience (if any), and talk about your skills, strengths, and personal success stories. For many vacancies, having fluent English is essential, and living abroad is also very important. For our effective vacancies, it is necessary to have a complete higher education – postgraduate, MBA and doctorate are differentials. For internship vacancies, preference is for students who are in the penultimate year of the course.” SAS is an American Business Intelligence solutions company.

Giovane Costa, Vice President of HR at GVT

“The candidate needs to present a profile aligned with the company’s values. In order for us to verify whether this alignment exists, it goes through a selection process of several stages. At first, the curriculum is evaluated, when HR observes the candidate’s training, technical knowledge, and experience, verifying that he meets the profile indicated for the position. If the resume is pre-selected, the company will contact you to verify your interest and schedule an interview. At the time of the face-to-face meeting, the most important thing is that the candidate is authentic. What is expected is that he responds to questions clearly, always making a link with previous experiences, internships, or even situations experienced in the academic environment.” GVT is a Brazilian telecommunications operator.

Renata Prudente, HR director at Claro

“Our candidates’ CVs must contain technical information, such as the names of systems and applications in which they have knowledge or certification. Speaking another language, such as English, is a differential and shows that the candidate will be able to deal with globalized suppliers and companies and facilitate communication between them. When preparing for the interview, it is interesting that the professional researches in depth the company and the sector in which he wants to work, its management characteristics, financial data, challenges, competitors, and values. During the interview, we assess whether the candidate has developed communication skills and is well articulated. It is important that he puts himself genuinely and truthfully, in addition to taking the opportunity to clarify any doubts that may arise about the vacancy or the company.” Claro is a Brazilian mobile operator.

Luciana Camargo, HR Director at IBM Brazil

“In addition to the technical requirements for each vacancy, it is important that the candidate is motivated, inspires his colleagues, knows how to work in a team, and has flexibility and a desire to grow in his career. IBM offers good growth opportunities for employees, which go far beyond training areas. Above all, they need to be creative in solving problems and thinking about how the planet can be smarter. We are looking for people with a global spirit, able to work with teams from different countries and cultures, and who respect diversity. Furthermore, it is important that they think and acts in accordance with our values: ‘dedication to the success of each client’, ‘innovation that makes a difference for the company and the world’, ‘trust and responsibility in all relationships.” IBM is the world’s largest information technology company.

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