Laptops To Play, Which Gaming Computer To Choose?

Laptops To Play, Which Gaming Computer To Choose?

More and more gamers are starting to buy gaming laptops. But with such a small size, choosing one that can meet all your expectations is difficult. Nowadays, this is an easy solution because, with the advancement of technology and computer components, we can point out several characteristics that influence buying a good laptop.

We recommend that you look at a catalogue specifically for gaming laptops, as this way, it will be much easier for you to find the right one and not have to differentiate them from office laptops. 

But what does a computer need to be considered gaming? According to Miguel Russo, a computer engineer expert in digital technology, the elements that cannot be missing are the following:

Graphic card

According to gamers of the moment, a good graphics card is one of the most important components when choosing a gaming computer, but how do we differentiate a normal one from one that is perfect for gaming?

  • NVIDIA is the perfect brand since most of the gaming laptops you will find on the market, both mid-range and high-end, have a graphics card from this brand inside. Its biggest competitor, AMD, has not yet managed to catch up with it regarding graphics quality and playability, although its constant improvements make this brand a stable competitor.
  • CPU. We are talking about the processor of any computer, and it is not that a mighty one is necessary since most games do not take full advantage of all the characteristics of a good CPU, so in most cases, it will be enough for you to have a fast CPU. And it is perfect if you are only going to use this laptop to play; if instead, you use it for other things such as photo and video editing, perhaps you will need more threads and cores. We should look at processors such as the Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 in this field.


We would be misleading if we recommended a laptop with 8GB of RAM, as these will be the cheapest, but if you want to get a complete experience, 32GB is best. Although, if you are not a professional gamer, you may opt for the cheaper version.

Screen and other physical components

A large screen will achieve better immersion in the game. The minimum to enjoy the graphics card’s good graphics would be about 16 inches. From there up, whatever you want! You can even always buy a secondary screen and connect it through an HDMI connection, allowing you to expand the game to your liking. As for other components, we would recommend a comfortable, manageable and bright keyboard and a mouse that is not conventional because the more keys it has, the more game actions you can integrate!

End! We hope that, with these simple and basic notions of the gaming world, you can find your perfect gaming laptop.

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