OnePlus 10 Pro revealed: Specs And Details

OnePlus 10 Pro revealed: Specs And Details

The latest leaks show that OnePlus is intensively working on a new generation of its flagships. Information about the specification of the OnePlus 10 Pro model has just appeared on the network. Unfortunately, its premiere will take a while longer. Probably its price will also be at an appropriate level, as it will probably be the highest model in the entire series.

Next-generation Snapdragon on board

The presentation and debut of the entire OnePlus 10 series is expected at the turn of January and February 2022. However, we are talking about Asian markets here, and there was information that we will see all models globally no sooner than in April next year.

Will it be worth the wait? OnePlus 10 Pro is to offer the new Snapdragon 898 on board. It will also have 8 or 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of disk space in the fast UFS 3.1 standard. It is also possible that we will see support for virtual RAM here.

There will also be a place for a 6.7-inch display on board the flagship. It will be made in AMOLED technology and will be curved on the sides. There will be a fast refresh at 120 Hz and support for QHD + resolution.

The camera set in the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro also looks serious. The basic unit will have a 48 Mpix matrix. In addition, you will be able to use an ultra-wide-angle camera with a 50 Mpix matrix. The whole thing will be closed in the form of an 8 Mpix telephoto lens. We’ll probably see optical image stabilization here as well. It is not known which cameras will be stabilized in this way. However, it is known that a single selfie camera with a 32 Mpix matrix will appear on the front.

The battery also looks interesting. We will be dealing here with a cell with a capacity of 5000 mAh, and it will be equipped with very fast charging at the level of 125 W. Onboard, there will be Android 12 with the proprietary OxygenOS overlay also in version 12.

At the moment, this is all the information about the OnePlus 10 Pro. Its price is unknown at the moment. However, due to the fact that it is probably the top model of the series, it probably will not be below. This is the way it is with super flaggers.

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