SendinBlue, The Alternative Software To Mail Chimp For Email Marketing And SMS

SendinBlue, The Alternative Software To Mail Chimp For Email Marketing And SMS

Within the panorama of programs that allow the creation and management of email marketing and SMS campaigns is SendinBlue, an intuitive and easy-to-use software with which users can independently create a campaign.

Like most of the industry tools available online, SendinBlue does not require knowledge of HTML, as it has an intuitive editor that allows you to choose from a large variety of templates.

Furthermore, the emails are automatically created with a responsive design to optimize the email’s performance on all media: mobile, tablet, or computer.

The content remains fully customizable in the various elements that distinguish an email campaign. Test and optimize the campaigns with the possibility of having a preview in the inbox to ensure the final result.

The user who purchases the software can import his contacts by saving and loading a list in CSV format with a semicolon. It is possible to insert custom fields and transactional fields, such as the cart amount or the order ID, which automatically retrieve the results of the sales tracking script, which is useful in the case of eCommerce.

The ability to segment the sending target is another valuable feature of SendinBlue. The segmentation engine allows you to define rules to select a part of the contacts to send the campaign only to users with specific characteristics, gender, and age, for example, or certain behaviors.

In addition to socio-demographic information, SendinBlue allows you to use numerous behavioral criteria.

In addition, SendinBlue allows you to manage SMS sendings, whether marketing campaigns or transactional SMS. In fact, it allows you to import a contact file containing telephone numbers, create a filter to isolate a part of the contacts, program the campaign, and analyze the results in detail.

Clearly, both for email and SMS campaigns, SendinBlue offers campaign reports with statistical data on their progress. On the dashboard, there is a first global view of the performance of the various campaigns measured in delivery rate, opens, clicks, hard bounces, and much more.

However, the statistics also allow you to access the history of openings and clicks per contact to have a complete picture of user behavior, know at what times emails are opened, and carry out advanced segmentation of contacts.

It is possible to export campaign reports and all statistics in .csv format but also in PDF format or send them by email.

The software is also beneficial for e-commerce, as it allows the setting of transactional emails such as welcome, order confirmation, and cart recovery thanks to an advanced tracking code and the “transactional fields” (the latter allow you to record transactions relating to a contact).

The Workflow creation function, called “Scenarios” within the platform, is handy and intuitive, with which it is possible to create a marketing automation system based on user navigation and purchases.

In conclusion, Sendinblue is a well-done email marketing software, very similar to Mailchimp but with a cheaper monthly subscription, which allows you to save a lot if you have a large list of subscribers.

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