When Lead Nurturing Doesn’t Work

When Lead Nurturing Doesn’t Work

Lead Nurturing; A few days ago, I looked for an e-commerce service, and there was no way to contact or understand the prices because the site was a landing page inviting me to download a series of videos (which were then sent via autoresponders).

The videos I finished watching today aimed to make me spend more and enhance the product, given that there are many low-cost and low-profile offers on the market.

Nothing wrong with this; indeed, lead nurturing is equivalent to preparing and informing the customer in advance about the product, but I already had in mind what to buy, and I did a precise search on Google and clicked on the Adwords ad.

At the end of the 5 videos the cost was higher than the competitors, but if everything communicated in the videos had been put on the landing page, I would have bought it immediately.

Furthermore, a competitor could subscribe to his mailing list, see what he communicates in the emails, and put that added value he did not communicate immediately on the home page.

The fact is that I had an urgent need to activate that service, and at the same time, I continued my online research, eventually buying from another, saving money, and with a good return (which is rare, but I was lucky. 

Understanding the intentions of users, especially new ones, is crucial in marketing.

It is possible to understand their intentions already from the source of traffic from which it arrives.

If it comes from AdWords, it is clear that it is a direct search, which expresses awareness of a need, especially on the long tail or transactional keywords.

If he’s looking for the offer, I’ll give him everything he needs on-page, such as reviews, a good testimonial, guarantees, PR, Videos, Social proof, and the certifications required to create trust.

Also, add a good chat with a callback service in a few minutes to convince the undecided and set up (only for new visitors) a Pop-up in Exit intent to try to acquire the email anyway, in case you want to exit.

Nothing prevents you from working in A/B Test with two different versions of landing pages, one for AdWords traffic and one for the rest that works on latent demand.

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