You Can Easily Create a Fashionable Business Card Design!

You Can Easily Create a Fashionable Business Card Design!

7 Free Business Card Creation Sites That Can Be Used With a Browser

Business cards will be the first contact tool in your business, so it’s important to make a good first impression of your brand here, whether you’re a sole proprietor or a medium-sized business.

Like the About Us page on your website, business cards have the role of telling you what you’re doing, creating trust, and introducing your brand. It will also contain the information needed to contact you.

If you’re just starting a business or you’re in a tight money situation, you don’t need to buy expensive templates or hire designers to make business cards! In fact, there are many free business card creation tools and templates available online, so you can create your own fashion business cards right away.

How To Design a Business Card?

Business card designs are often simple, so there are several ways to complete them online by yourself. Even better, you can have a small budget. There is a wide range of free business card creation tools available.

Now, let’s think about the context before we move on to design work. In what kind of situation will you hand it over? Who will receive it? What action do you want the recipient to take? By answering these questions, you will be able to see the design priorities.

Based on this information, make a list of the information you want to put on your business card. Remember that printing space is limited. You cannot write the entire biography. It’s better to convey sentences longer than the catchphrase somewhere else.

The general content on a business card is the URL of your site. Some people use QR codes so that they can quickly jump to EC sites, landing pages, product pages, etc. Some people list both, others don’t. Individual entrepreneurs and employees will often include their name, title, email address, phone number, and in some cases a photo of their face.

Once you have a list of the elements to describe, decide where to place them on your business card. The size of a general business card in Japan is said to be 91mm x 51mm. In the case of Japanese, the traditional tendency is that there are many vertical types, but horizontal types are also increasing. Either one is fine. Single-sided or double-sided printing is possible. The 

Western size has a more stylish impression, and the size is 89 mm x 51 mm.

Once you have all the elements in place, design for fonts, colors, logos, and other visual elements. Try to have a consistent design that follows your brand’s overall visual branding rules.

Most of the free business card creation tools overseas are based on Western size, so please be careful if you want Japanese business card size. The author uses Western-sized business cards in Japan, but there is no particular problem!

7 carefully selected free business card creation tools

  1. Free Business Card Maker
  2. Canva
  3. FreeLogoServices
  4. PsPrint
  5. Jukebox
  6. Design Mantic
  7. Business Card Maker

1 Free Business Card Maker

If you want to decide simply, this is the decision! Free Business Card Maker is a tool provided by Shopify. Complete a simple business card design with all contact information including the logo. It only takes a few seconds to create a design and you can print it right away.

2 Canva

Canva is often used to create images for SNS, but in fact, it’s easy to create fashionable business cards. You can choose from the suggested layouts or build your design from scratch. It may take some time to complete, but it provides complete customization. Furthermore, it is also attractive that you can choose the size for both Europe, America, and Japan.

3 FreeLogoServices

FreeLogoServices is a tool that provides both logo creation and business card creation with various templates. Here too, you can easily create a business card with a stylish design.

4 PsPrint

PsPrint is an online business card creation tool that can be highly customized. It takes a little time to create, but you can add various elements that you can think of, such as text, images, objects, borders, and three-dimensional characters.

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5 Jukebox

With Jukebox, you can create a business card from scratch or choose from a template. Adjust the design by adding names, contact information, brand colors, and more.

It is often used to create images, but you can also make business cards. You can choose from the suggested layouts or build your design from scratch. It may take some time to complete, but it provides complete customization.

6 Design Mantic

Design Mantic offers stylish fashionable templates with modern designs. Once you’ve selected your design, add your personal information and upload your logo. You can also change the font, text color, etc. before printing.

7 Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker offers a collection of different types of business card designs. All can be 

easily edited with just a few clicks. Upload your logo, move the text a bit, and then save the file.

Are you satisfied with the design? Please do not order printing yet. It needs to be confirmed by the eyes of a third party. Unlike the mistakes on the product page on the web, if there is a mistake in the printed matter, it cannot be corrected anymore.

Tips For Aiming For Fashionable Business Card Design

The Design Is Simple

The only purpose of a business card is to encourage people to contact you. If the design is too complex, it can be difficult to find the information you need. Care should be taken to ensure that the information needed for contact is available immediately after looking at the business card.

Only One Image

In many cases, you will only have one image, or logo, to achieve a simple design. The image you choose must convey your brand, and everything else is just annoying.

Don’t Forget Important Information

It’s nice to have a simple design, but of course, the content written is important. Make sure that important information such as your name and contact information is clearly documented.

Easy-To-Read Font

The font should be simple for clear communication. It’s no wonder that the logo has been modified to some extent, but the first thing is that elements such as name, phone number, and email address are easy to read even for people with slight vision problems.

Be Of High Quality

Business cards symbolize the business. When the quality of a business card is low, the recipient associates it with the poor quality of your business. No matter what, work with a high-resolution logo and a high-quality printer. Also, choose the best paper your budget allows!

Get Started Designing Business Cards Right Away

If you need a business card but haven’t started production yet, now is the time. There are various free templates and business card makers, so you can create your own business card. Choose one that looks good and start creating it today!

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