How To Have Spotify Premium For Free

How To Have Spotify Premium For Free

Who doesn’t know Spotify? The streaming music service is one of the most popular at the moment, even though it currently has to compete with others of the stature of Deezer, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. What makes it so loved by users? Its extensive catalogue and its interface are two of the biggest attractions of this platform. To enjoy Spotify on your mobile, you only need to download an application (either for Android or iOS) and register. It is possible to listen to music without having to pay, although, yes, we will have to be patient with advertising. Also, we will only be able to play a few songs.

Therefore, the best way to sing our favourite songs without limits is to have Spotify Premium for free. The platform has a monthly payment method with which we can listen to music at the best quality, save playlists or scroll through songs until we get enough. The price is 10 euros per month, although there are ways to get it without paying anything.

Get Spotify Premium for free

One of the ways we have to have Spotify Premium for free is to create a new account. In this way, we can have Spotify Premium at our disposal for a month. After those 30 days of trial, and if you have not renewed the subscription, the benefits of the service disappear as if by magic. That is to say, overnight, you are left without listening to unlimited music or scrolling through songs until you discover the one that is going to brighten your day. One of the tricks that many people use to have more free months is to create another email and link it to another payment method.

This means you can enjoy several months of Spotify Premium for free if you have several credit or debit cards. Since the system renews automatically each month, we recommend that you cancel the payment method right after creating the account so that you are not charged the required 10 euros the following month.

Change your mobile ID

Another trick to have Spotify Premium free for a while is to change the ID of your mobile device.

It is an equivalent method to the previous one. Well, if before you needed a new email with which to return to “your first month”, now you have to change the ID of your Android phone. Just like before, we told you that you needed an email to create a Spotify account; now, you will need a new ID. How to get it? Download an app like Device ID Changer, which will give you a new ID for your smartphone. Thus, every time you restart the terminal, you can create a new account and enjoy another month of Spotify Premium for free.

Use a trusted apk

This is another way to have Spotify Premium for free; find a trusted Spotify apk if you are an Android user. We trust it because all the applications are not authentic, and you can end up having malware problems, something very common in Google mobile operating system. You can try Spotify Beta APK, which has almost all the features of Spotify Premium for free.

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