The Best Curved Monitors Of 2021

The Best Curved Monitors Of 2021

Curved monitors have shown that they can be a more than attractive investment, especially if you come from the world of video games, design, or retouching photos on PC. It is beyond question that the levels of immersion they provide allow for a very vivid experience when enjoying high-definition movies and video games.

In the case of the best monitors, the panoramic or ultra-panoramic design avoids eye fatigue due to the uniform viewing angles they offer, giving a feeling of spaciousness and space, finally enhancing our peripheral vision. One aspect that is increasingly being taken into account is the price-quality factor; the high cost of an excellent curved monitor could be a deterrent when acquiring them. If we take into account that their “panoramic” and ergonomic design allows two high-quality monitors to be replaced in a “natural” way, the price issue should be on our side.

Samsung 49 ″ Odyssey G9 LC49G93TSSUXEN: One of the Best Curved Gaming Monitors in Size

The good

  • Big size
  • High color quality
  • Immersive and immersive style
  • Make multitasking easier

The bad

  • High cost
  • Large desk need
  • Support base somewhat rigid

With a monstrous and elegant 49″ screen combined with a 1000R curvature, this Samsung monitor envelops you in ways you have not experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or a fan of series or movies, the visual realism that this “monster” proposes will make your senses and adrenaline rush to the max. All this is thanks to high specifications such as 240 Hz refresh rates or 1 ms response times. It maintains compatibility with technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), Nvidia G-SYNC, or AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

You could easily get up to three screens in one if you are one of those who prefer multitasking work, significantly reducing the costs of having three high-quality monitors thanks to an aspect ratio of 32: 9, simply huge. This is associated with a resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels (DQHD), showing ultra-sharp images thanks to QLED technology.

As aspects to take into account, we have that it is a monitor with exaggerated proportions and a weight of 16.7 kg, so it needs a desk with enough room. Finally, it is advisable to adjust it and place it at the most comfortable distance for our peripheral vision and visual ease.

LG 34UC98-W: One of the Best Curved Monitors to Watch Movies

The good

  • Attractive design
  • Simple setup
  • Outstanding color calibration
  • Great sharpness

The bad

  • Improvable support setting
  • Something expensive
  • Average sound quality

The curved LG 34UC98-W monitor is an option that you are looking for above all to a spectacular color calibration with an SRGB coverage of 99%, offering sharp images with vibrant colors. A large IPS screen complements this with a 3440 x 1440 resolution, which is very easy to manage, although LG has some very good presets.

Another aspect that stands out on the monitor is the design. Most users agree that it is a beautiful monitor to look at, and they are right. It has an attractive 34 ″ curved ultrawide screen in a 21: 9 format that takes care of practically all the details bordering on the artistic. It would be worth adding details such as the fast charging USB 3.0 port that it has or the use of technologies such as Dynamic action Sync that provide a fast and fluid experience.

Some features can obviously be improved on this product, considering its prices, such as the sound system that it complies with but nothing else or the management of the adjustment of the support that is sometimes somewhat rigid.

LG 34UC79G-B: One of the Best Curved Monitors for Multipurpose

The good

  • Balanced quality-price ratio
  • High-quality display
  • Good sharpness

The bad

  • In some video games, the response speed is not high

The curved LG 34UC79G-B monitor stands out for being precisely one of the most balanced monitors on the current market in many respects. Thanks to its 34 ″ curved ultrawide screen with a 21: 9 aspect ratio and wide refresh rate range (50-144 Hz), it is ideal for video games and multitasking work.

The design is ergonomic and attractive, and highly adjustable in height and inclination, facilitating assembly without using any tools. Its shade of black allows the colors to stand out; however, we agree that a resolution of 2560 x 1080 for this type of screen seems somewhat insufficient at these times. However, there is one of the balancing points since this allows you to be able to use a wider range of video cards that would not necessarily have to be the latest on the market.

As notable aspects also mention the support of technologies such as AMD FreeSync and Dynamic Action Sync & Black Stabilizer, which enhances the visibility levels of the players in dark environments. Finally, the price-quality ratio is balanced for a monitor of these characteristics.

BenQ EX3203R: One of the Best Curved Monitors for the Budget

The good

  • Economical price
  • Great image quality
  • Optimal for video games
  • High levels of visual fluency

The bad

  • Limited vertical and directional adjustment
  • A limited number of ports
  • Low screen resolution

The BenQ EX3203R monitor is a true rarity in the market if we take into account its economical price, offering specifications that could surprise more than one. One of them is its ultra-thin 31.5″ curved screen that, with its thin frames, allows a weight of just 8.1 kg.

The resolution of the EX3203R is 2560 x 1440, which combined with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a brightness of 400 nits that significantly enhance the visual quality of images and video games. Keep in mind that the monitor includes support for AMD FreeSync 2 technology, avoiding the defects of tearing and stutter.

The BenQ EX3203R even takes care of your visual health by implementing anti-flicker and blue light reduction technologies. Finally, we should highlight the OSD Menu, which is configurable and comes with many pre-designed profiles to adjust it to your needs.

Considering the above, we can infer that this monitor is the best alternative for our pockets. Despite not having the highest specifications, it offers characteristics that we may not even find in the high ranges.

Acer XR382CQX Curved Gaming Monitor: One of the Best Curved Monitors for Screen Quality

The good

  • Good color reproduction
  • Oriented to video games and digital publishing
  • High-level sound
  • Guaranteed visual protection

The bad

  • Refresh rate below 100Hz

For a slightly higher cost, you can find the Acer XR382CQX, and there are several reasons for this, the main one being the quality of its beautiful 37.5-inch screen that works wonders for gaming and professional design work. It has a resolution of 3840 x 1600 and a curvature of 2300R, increasing the levels of immersion.

An aspect to point out is the refresh rate at 75 Hz, something rare in a monitor of this range, but this aspect bears some relation to the default resolution. However, this does not prevent color reproduction or contrast management from being outstanding, thanks to the use of technologies such as AMD FreeSync or HDR, in addition to 100% sRGB coverage.

Another highlight is the sound, and the XR382CQX integrates two 7W DTA sound speakers that produce high-quality sound to be a monitor. Also, through EyeProtect technology, flicker is suppressed, and blue light filtering is used.

Samsung C27F398: One of the Best Curved Monitors for Small Spaces

The good

  • Economical price
  • Great color and contrast quality
  • Suitable for tight spaces

The bad

  • Fitted size
  • It does not have speakers

Samsung has also decided to bet on the most compact curved monitors suitable for small spaces while maintaining satisfactory quality. This is the case of the C27F398, to which it must be added that its price is also economical.

With a curvature of 1800R, an ultra-thin and panoramic design, the C27F398 offers impressive visual quality on a 27 ″ curved screen. This visual quality is attributed to the use of AMD FreeSync technology and Samsung Active Crystal Color. Combined with a 3000: 1 contrast ratio that enables an experience with bright and sharp colors.

Another aspect to highlight is that it includes the Eye Saver mode, which includes blue light filters avoiding eye fatigue in addition to reducing screen flickering. However, it must be taken into account that the monitor does not have speakers integrated into it.

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Gaming Monitor: A Beast Among the Best Curved Gaming Monitors

The good

  • Oriented to videogames and audiovisuals
  • Screen fluidity and speed
  • Exceptional design

The bad

Integrated audio for improvement

The Swift PG348Q from the Asus Republic of Gamers brand is the leading producer of the firm oriented towards video games, which implies that it is a high-specification product; however, its price does not seem so aggressive at first glance, which is a point to consider. Our favor.

And being a product aimed at the most demanding users, it is normal that it has an excellent QHD screen with a 3440 x 1440 resolution and 34 ″ with a 21: 9 aspect ratio. The refresh rate is 100 Hz which, combined with the use of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, facilitates a fast and fluid visual display. The panel’s 109 density pixels per inch (PPI) provide a level of sharpness and detail rarely seen in similar solutions on the market.

The design of the product is spectacular, providing a good gaming experience to the user, adding light effects and a “metallic-industrial” visual style that is highly appreciated among video game professionals who will be able to have marathon days very much at ease.

To ensure a healthy experience for our eyes, Asus uses Ultra-Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free (Blue Light Reduction and Anti-flicker) technologies, as well as GamePlus and GameVisual game assistance.

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