The Best Time Saving Technique To Get The Job Done In Half The Time

The Best Time Saving Technique To Get The Job Done In Half The Time

Time Saving: The essence of work is to “make a profit” as a company, sole proprietor, or freelancer. And to make a profit is to “do high quality work in a limited time”.

All the apt-speed work surgery to end in one of the time of two minutes work author of” (Masato Ohara al., Pal publication) are noted at the beginning of this book.

If you could finish the same job in 5 hours rather than spending 10 hours on it, and the quality of the job was high, that person’s productivity would more than double.

Of course, that will increase the company’s sales and profits by that amount.

Such human resources are useful in society and become the human resources that are sought after everywhere. Even if you start a business or become independent, you will definitely succeed.

In other words, this “in a limited time” is an important point, and it can be said that accelerating the speed of work is pursuing the essence of work

Currently, as a manager, he is engaged in various businesses such as consulting for web and online sales, producing and operating YouTube channels for companies.

In other words, this book is a mixture of the experience as a salaryman of a major company that requires a speed difference and the perspective of a manager of the rapidly changing web industry.

Today, I would like to pick up two points from Chapter 2, “Ready-to-use time saving techniques & PC utilization techniques”.

At the beginning of the work, decide only the “direction” and leave the rest unconsciously to the brain.

The secret to working twice as fast as humans is to “pre-input” the necessary information into your brain. For example, in the workplace, if you receive an order for “a project that will be delivered in one month, but the work will be completed in about a week”, at 

What timing would you work on that project?

(1) Leave it completely until the last minute and finish it at once in the last week

(2) Start immediately and finish in the first week

According to the author, “both are incorrect” from the perspective of utilizing the brain.

First of all, it goes without saying that (1) is out of the question. The more solid people are, the more likely they are to choose (2), but this is also not a perfect score of 100.

It’s nothing more than “ordinary” to do a week’s work in a lawful manner.

I decide only the “rough direction” at the hot timing immediately after the meeting and leave the rest unconsciously to the brain.

Then, the unconsciousness of the brain will think and flesh out without permission, so when you start seriously just before the deadline, you will have a high-quality product in no time.

A job that would take a week if done in a straightforward manner can be completed in a couple of days with this method. (From page 51)

It’s understandable to think, “I want to start early and finish early”, but the author asserts that if it’s a work with a strong creative element, I can’t recommend it even more.

The more I work to make or think about something, the more I come up with the idea that “this way will be better” and “this proposal is more likely to stick to the target”.

Therefore, instead of putting the idea into shape immediately, letting it rest in the brain for a while will shorten the time and improve the final quality

By the way, it is said that this book also decided the overall direction (chapter setting) immediately after the meeting with the editor, and then let it rest for about 3 weeks before proceeding with the actual writing work.

As a result, I came up with a lot of elements that weren’t in the first chapter, and I was able to write while feeling the response that the content was likely to be more fulfilling. 

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Divide the daily schedule by 50 minutes and manage it with a stopwatch

In order to work while maintaining concentration, it is ideal for working in a cycle of “50 minutes work + 10 minutes break”. Even when the sharpness is bad or when “it will be finished in 5 minutes …”, it should be rounded up once the time comes.

There may be times when you may think that it’s a waste to stop now, but if you take breaks according to the cycle, you can maintain your concentration and speed, and as a result, you will finish your work sooner.

In order to strictly adhere to the “50 minutes work + 10 minutes break” cycle, time management with a stopwatch is essential.

Without this, you would have to check the clock many times, saying “how many minutes are left”, and you will lose your concentration.

The best way to focus on the task at hand until the last minute of the 50 minutes is with a stopwatch

What’s more, the stopwatch has various effects other than notifying you of the break time. For example, if you manage your time with a stopwatch, you will be able to grasp your output amount fairly accurately.

If you usually use a stopwatch to work in 50-minute increments, it will become clear what you can do in 50 minutes and how much you can do, and you will be able to create a lean schedule.

“Since there are 50 minutes x 3 frames in the morning, 2 frames are used for task A, and 1 frame is used for task B. Since 50 minutes x 5 frames in the afternoon, 3 frames for task C and 2 frames for task D are completed on time. The outlook becomes clear, such as “Let’s go back to.”

Conversely, if you do not do this and approach with a rough consciousness such as “Let’s finish tasks A to D today”, it will end up being messy work, and it will take time. 

The author says that if you can master the “Gachi fast work technique” revealed in this book and obtain the know-how that can be put into practice immediately, it will definitely be useful in the New Normal era and will be sought after as a human resource who can steadily produce results. I’m pushing for a drum.

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