The Impact Of Social Media On SEO – Do Social Media Links Positively Affect The Positioning?

The Impact Of Social Media On SEO – Do Social Media Links Positively Affect The Positioning?

The influence of social media on SEO is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and, at the same time, more controversial topics. Why? As a rule, it is believed that a skillfully profiled activity of a company on the Internet is an important factor in online marketing. 

At the same time, however, as Matt Cutts said in an interview in 2014, the company’s activity in social networks does not directly translate into the website’s position in Google.

Often, far-reaching conclusions are drawn from this fact: some are inclined to consider the company’s activity in social media as a secondary form of marketing precisely because it does not translate directly into the website’s position in search results. But is this kind of approach really right?

Social media and the website’s position on Google

We have already mentioned that, for example, the mere increase of likes for a company’s profile on Facebook will not affect its position in Google search results. At the same time, however, on the basis of signals from social networks, Google may consider the company more reliable, which in turn may already translate into position in the search engine results. 

It is worth remembering that Google treats social media as verified sources. This means that a large number of visitors to our profile, who forward the information published on it, should lead Google to consider our brand credible. 

Links from social media

It is often said that links generated by social media are not very useful from an SEO perspective as most of them have a no follow parameter. This is true, but at the same time, links derived from social media may generate more traffic on our website and, in some cases, also lead to the generation of links, e.g. on specialized forums devoted to a given topic. 

In this way, we naturally stimulate the users’ interest in our website: even if most of them stop at our fan page, a certain percentage will also visit the proper website of our company.

Building a brand

Social media is also crucial for building the image of our brand. Activity on social networks and supplementing the Google My Business listing should positively affect the way information about our website is displayed. 

This, in turn, is significantly related to how the brand will be perceived by the customer, especially because of the new person who came into contact with our company for the first time, e.g. by entering a given phrase in Google. 

Search within social media

It is often said that some social networks are slowly turning into “micro search engines”. What does it mean? More and more often, e.g. searching for a given product or service takes place within a given portal (e.g. Facebook), i.e. without the involvement of Google. This means that the company’s presence in social media becomes a value in itself when it comes to improving conversion.

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