Robots.txt – What It Is And Why Every Website Should Have It

Robots.txt – What It Is And Why Every Website Should Have It

Robots.txt: Marketing and positioning of websites are not only limited to adjusting the content so that browsers place it in a high position. There is also a branch called technical SEO, and it is based on website optimization in such a way that the search engine focuses on the elements that we want to emphasize.

What is robots.txt?

It is a file that is a map for the search engine, guiding it through the content of the page so that, for example, it omits a part of it, starts checking it from a specific place or does not index it at all and does not take it into account in the results. Here we might ask ourselves: why should we do something like this?

Well, when it comes to skipping a site in the browser, it comes in handy when we are just creating it and don’t want anyone to come across it, or when we’re working on restoring it (and we also want to remain invisible until it is fully operational).

However, we are interested in the other options when it comes to SEO optimization. The ability to tell the search engine to skip insignificant content (either private or repeated elsewhere on the page) allows you to optimize and raise your position in the results. The same goes for creating a kind of map that will show you how and in what order you should search through the next subpages.

How it’s working?

Robots.txt is the first file that the search engine reads on our website. If it does not find it, it will decide that it is not there and will go to the standard search of the content, looking at the entered phrases. If we do not have it yet, we can set up robots.txt on the server ourselves, but knowledge of the appropriate language is required to guide the search. To check if this file is present, simply enter the following address in the browser: It is freely available, so we can also check it on other websites by entering their address.

Well optimized

We can already see that we can significantly influence how the search engine looks at our website. This will translate directly into the position in the ranking because we suggest the most important content first, and then (or not at all) the less important. If we want our website to be perfectly suited to SEO requirements, it is worth taking a closer look at the topic.

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