Quality Texts: Are They The Key To a Successful Website?

Quality Texts: Are They The Key To a Successful Website?

Do you know what connects a successful blog, a popular Instagram page and a profitable e-shop? In all three cases, quality text is a key factor. Interesting articles on the blog, catchy posts on social networks or descriptions of products capable of bringing the customer to purchase. Whether your content strategy includes any form of text, copywriters from CoolWriters.sk will make sure that the full potential of each paragraph is used.

The power of quality text

The Internet is a fascinating but quite chaotic place. We return here for everything from answering questions from different areas of life, through pictures of cute puppies, to buying new clothes. However, what is an advantage for the average user may be perceived by the site owner as a disadvantage. We are talking about an excess of content focused on any topic that comes to mind.

Your site will very easily get lost to the competition if it doesn’t engage visitors in a matter of seconds . Those “in seconds” according to the number of surveys is in the range 10-15 seconds. If the visitor does not find what they are looking for in that time, they will close your page and go on searching. Thanks to quality text, your website can be the one on which it decides to stay longer.

Principles of quality text

Texting the web isn’t just about thoughtlessly tapping the keyboard . Everyone can fill the web with text so that it doesn’t look empty. However, writing so that the text meets a certain goal is no longer a simple task. Therefore, some rules must be followed when creating articles. Here are the 3 most important ones:

Working with Attention – When a reader clicks on a link to your page in search results, the fight against time begins. People on the Internet want everything fast, so you need to convince them quickly that they will find it with you . When creating a text, it is necessary to work with the reader’s attention. You can get it with highlighted key ideas, tips, quality images, and more.

Less is sometimes more – conciseness, clarity and efficient transmission of information are your friends. Again, this has to do with the “haste” of this time. The goal of a quality text article is to keep the reader as long as possible. At the same time, the faster the reader learns the information he is looking for, the more satisfied he will be. The copywriter’s job is to find a compromise between these two extremes.

Pleasant atmosphere – the reader on your website will not spend time as long as it evokes unpleasant feelings in it. You can avoid this by writing lyrics in a friendly style that is close to your target group . The clarity of the website or the right selection of images significantly help to create a pleasant atmosphere, for which the reader will be happy to return.
There are many more policies to help you improve the quality of the texts on your site. One option is to start learning them and then use them. However, it is much more convenient to use the help of professional copywriters .

CoolWriters and their services

Do you want your texts not just to fill the space on the web, but to give the reader a meaningful idea and attract attention at first sight? Contact CoolWriters – copywriters who will write you cool lyrics of any type.

A wide range of articles

You don’t have to worry about not handling the content on your site. Copywriters from CoolWriters will be happy to write you everything from short descriptions of products on the e-shop to long professional articles that break down the selected topic to the last detail.

Help with content strategy

If you do not yet have an idea of ​​which articles would best suit your business or other intentions, this is not a problem. In addition to writing articles to you, CoolWriters can build a content strategy from the ground up based on an analysis of your goals.

General consultation

Communication about them definitely belongs to the effective solution of complex problems. If you have any questions about the content on your website or a specific article, just arrange an online meeting and ask the experts.

How is the cooperation with CoolWriters?

Don’t know what to expect from writing custom articles? Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. It all starts by filling out a short form with your name, email and a brief description of your request directly on the CoolWriters.sk website . Then comes the phase of getting to know your company and your target audience. Without it, creating an article would not make sense.

After agreeing on the details, you will receive a price offer. If you are satisfied with the price, you will pay half as a deposit. Now it’s time to write. Several people collaborate on each article to perfect the text. According to the proposals for changes, the article is gradually corrected in terms of content, grammar and structure.

When the article is ready, they will send it to you to study. If you don’t like a particular word, whole paragraph, or picture, just add a comment . They will then incorporate your proposal into the text or explain why they decided on the matter and what benefits it could bring you. After fine-tuning, you only pay the other half of the amount and the article is yours.

What makes them special?

Wondering why CoolWriters and not another company? Here are some reasons:

Adherence to submission deadlines – you can be sure that the article will be ready no later than the day of the agreed deadline.
Articles written with pleasure – usually an article is best when the copywriter enjoys the topic. Thanks to a team of more than 15 members, they can divide topics according to their hobbies.
They emphasize quality – 90% is not enough for them. Not even 95%. They consider an article to be finished only when they meet your input, comments and requirements 100%, even if it means repeated edits.
Need a lot of articles? No problem – the CoolWriters team consists of people who really enjoy writing, which is reflected in the number of articles they can write. In July 2021 alone, it was more than 730 standard pages (more than 1,314,000 characters).

The key to quality texts

If you want to work on the quality and reach of your site, starting with textual content is a great decision. Your visitors will reward you with sharing, longer time spent on the site, and a lower bounce rate. For best results, we recommend using the services of professionals , such as copywriters from CoolWriters. We also work with them.

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