A Successful Company Needs a Team That Is Happy To Work On It

A Successful Company Needs a Team That Is Happy To Work On It

Successful Company Needs a Team, The post-pandemic leaves us a sad legacy that we cannot fail to acknowledge. In fact, we are witnessing a paradox. High levels of unemployment and, at the same time, companies that complain about the lack of specialized and non-specialized personnel.

Recently the press has also extensively commented on the phenomenon of managers who inexplicably resign. A new scenario is emerging where staff are no longer looking for a higher salary but are looking for more “sustainable” working conditions. And not necessarily for a higher salary. And that is precisely the point. 

By sustainability, I mean not depleting more energies and values ​​such as family, interests, and passions for the “great deception,” the one that has seen many willing to sacrifice the above on the altar of longed-for well-being. Wellness that for many professionals has never arrived. In this general confusion, where roles seem to fail, and uncertainty reigns supreme, it is more important than ever not to miss the target in the search for collaborators.

I would say that even before building the structure, it is essential to have chosen the team. Otherwise, you can find yourself like those famous restaurateurs who have built dream restaurants but cannot open them because they do not find the right staff. So, first, the Brigade is built, and then the Restaurant. Very simple. 

The perfect compass

To avoid making a mistake, it is important to use a compass that, even in the perfect storm, allows us to stay on course: ethics for oneself and the staff. It is essential to enhance internal staff by training them appropriately, and in terms of personnel research and selection, it is essential to identify those who have ethical values. But what is the work ethic? I let the CEO and Founder answer this question.

The work ethic

“The work ethic is a set of moral principles on the basis of which a person works every day with reliability, dedication, responsibility, and discipline. People who have a strong work ethic attach great importance to their tasks and give their best to achieve individual and team goals. They are the people you know you can count on, always.

They are the ones who are already dealing with a problem before you have even asked them. And if they have not already solved it, it is close. They are the backbones of the company and are its ambassadors to the outside world. You can learn new skills and hone a talent, but there is no substitute for the principle of working hard.

It is an “intangible asset” Fundamental for the company: an asset that cannot be quantified and cannot be measured but is extremely precious. As Einstein put it: “Not everything that can be counted matters, and not everything that matters can be counted.”

In this historical moment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find young people with a work ethic: disheartened by the economic situation and deluded by a world of appearances in which it seems easy to be successful, companies that are looking for people who really want to dedicate themselves to a company, they don’t know where to find it and how to recognize it.

Work ethic is not an abstract concept: it directly impacts the result or the quality of the result. When people respect the job and the company, they naturally become more productive. It uses resources better, knows how to evaluate times, performs better, and leads the company to success.

These people are unicorns of the job market: they will be increasingly in demand, and companies will compete for them. But there is only one secret to attracting and retaining these special beings.

Hold on to the ethical worker. 

It’s not just about offering salary or power but something equally valuable: creating a company that exudes positive energy. In which there is collaboration, support, and team spirit. In which employees are, first of all, people, and their talents are valued.

Because we all love to be successful, and we all want very much to feel appreciated. 

In this, too, the sustainability of a company is measured. Being sustainable means respecting the environment and creating a positive and stimulating environment within the company for the people who work with us. Employee psychological well-being and satisfaction are the entrepreneurs responsibility, who has a treasure of potential in his hands.

The entrepreneur who will be able to make his company an oasis of respect, satisfaction, and enhancement of the staff will be able to attract the best professionals on the market, who will not escape the first economically advantageous offer “.

Will companies be able to face this new challenge? They cannot be left alone. Those involved in training and growth have a duty to help them. 

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