The Importance Of Web Marketing As a Tool To Relate To – And Benefit From – The World

The Importance Of Web Marketing As a Tool To Relate To – And Benefit From – The World

Web Marketing, The peak of this historical dichotomy was reached when the streets were lined with leaflets and posters of all kinds. On television, some commercials force you to eat ice cream through hypnotizing and decisive imperative effects.

This cross-section represented a fundamental phase in the history of communication and of the entire world economic market.

Before the advent of broadband, each of us was dominated by a global advertising communication effect; on the other hand, we were forced to act locally as lacking the tools to eliminate the constraint of territoriality.

But suddenly, everything changes.

We are in the 2000s when the family of ADSL and DSL technologies comes into play for the first time. Fast Internet takes about 12 years to enter most Italian homes, while in 2008, the first iPhone was marketed, and access to the network entered everyone’s pockets within a few years (more or less).

In addition to a great evolution of technologies in a historical concentration that is nothing short of fulminating, the ways of relating are upset, and the market of third-sector companies begins to multiply dramatically. Consumption increasingly passes from material purchases to intangible purchases of access to services.

With the boom of social media, the “one to many” dialogic model no longer exists. Still, everything becomes a network; the territorial bond is broken, everyone can communicate with everyone, and information is within everyone’s reach, as well as advertising messages, a proposal, a promotions. Globalization is no longer a passive interpretation but an active one for each individual.

Strategies and new marketing tools on the web.

Obviously, with the pace of technological evolutions and the metabolism of users with respect to the new uses of information, the web goes through many forms of advertising: banners, display advertising, positioning in search engines, email marketing campaigns … all forms in refinement phase whose sole objective is to maximize the quality of the advertising message, the identification of the target audience to which to communicate the message and the optimization of the marketing campaign to ensure that in a very short time it is possible to reach a user who exactly reflects the “typical customer” of our communication in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.

Today there are many tools just a click away to offer anyone (companies and individuals) to create a structured web marketing campaign to communicate what you want to a specific audience.

On this simple but revolutionary business model, most of the social networks (primarily Facebook) have been structured which, through the obligation of registration, offer access to a service to users and offer the possibility for everyone to determine an index of satisfaction towards an interest that goes from a product to a lifestyle, over time it “swells” its database of records and acquires more and more information and personal details of the same, which it puts at the service (but this time for a fee) of all those who want to carry out a marketing campaign with extremely reduced budgets and optimized on the person who responds to a specific profile of interest.

Technological evolution has taken place decidedly faster than a cultural one.

Specifically, we are talking about social advertising, but the new advertising models belonging to search engines such as Google also operate similarly.

In fact, all the daily searches that we carry out for free on the web represent data of extreme importance for those who, on the other hand, use it to resell it to those who want to communicate something to people like you.

To date, there is still a lot of skepticism towards these new tools, and both small and large companies have not yet been able to make the most of the potential of these great tools by behaving as passive users and providing their data daily without benefiting from advertising tools. 

This is probably the reason why even today, there is no “two-way use of web tools.

For today’s and tomorrow’s companies, the aspect of data acquisition is crucial precisely because it represents a source with which you can constantly interact, acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

CRM, web marketing campaigns, social advertising, and lead generation are just some of the possible activities that the web offers to manage your marketing campaigns and interact with new target audiences worldwide.

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