How G Suit Works And How It Can Help Your Business

How G Suit Works And How It Can Help Your Business

How G suite works, and what opportunities does it offers to grow and improve what you promote in a highly agile way in the company.

Google is a global giant and, over the years, has developed various productivity software that can help students, companies, and freelancers to grow.

The peculiarity of the G Suite is the ease with which to collaborate in real-time with other people; in addition, cloud saves have an excellent level of security. This results in increased productivity.

Project managers also use Google applications, so they are approved for more or less complex jobs. But software does not work miracles, so it is necessary to have at least seven soft skills to be a good project manager.

Today, however, we want to explain how G Suite works, but first, let’s briefly see what it is.

What Is The G Suite?

The G Suite is a collection of applications developed by Google. Among them, we find text editors, spreadsheets, software for presentations, video calls, calendars, and many other useful tools for your company.

Each application has Cloud saves, allowing you never to lose the documents you are working on and access them from both PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

How G Suite Works

To access the applications, simply create a Google account. Once registered, you must log in and go to the Google homepage; at the top right, you can find a small square formed by 3 × 3 dots which, if clicked, opens a curtain with the various applications.

You can access them simply by clicking on them. Each application has a free plan, but if your company needs more functions, different solutions are visible directly on the dedicated site, just like with Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans.

What Can Be Useful For Your Business

Google’s suite has several features, but how can you apply them to your business? Many businesses require you to manage contacts and customers, usually using spreadsheets such as Excel. Google offers “Sheets” (sheets), a good replacement that also supports Microsoft’s application.

If, on the other hand, you need to write reports, press releases, or any other type of informative text for your company, you can use Google Docs (Docs), which has automatic cloud saving and allows multiple people to write simultaneously on the same sheet of text.

 Business presentations can also be done thanks to Google. Mainly because with the “Presentations” application, you can create any PPT, then because, with Google Meet, you can make video conferences and show the participants the slideshow you have created.

On the other hand, the calendar has an intuitive and captivating graphic interface, an element that is often not considered but is of extreme importance. The ability to mark notes, schedules, and assign tasks on the calendar, highlighting with specific colors, triggers an automatism that will improve your company’s productivity in a short time.

And do you know what the most interesting thing is? All the work done is synchronized via the Cloud on Google Drive. It won’t be easy to lose the work done!

Google Or Microsoft? It Depends!

Many people are unsure whether to rely on Google G Suite or Microsoft Suite and often ask for advice. It isn’t easy to decide, as each activity has specific needs, and one of the two suites may be useful.

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves to become partners of both Google and Microsoft. We have a lot of experience in the various suites and can direct you to the one that can be right for you.

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