Not Just The Power Of AI.. The Pixel 6 Camera Powers Up To 50 Million Pixels At Once?

Not Just The Power Of AI.. The Pixel 6 Camera Powers Up To 50 Million Pixels At Once?

Is this the smartphone with the strongest camera?

Google’s Pixel series smartphones have a reputation for being able to take beautiful pictures in a variety of scenes with the power of AI and software. However, it has a strong meaning that it has an excellent ability to process the image captured by the lens, and it is certain that the original hardware specifications were disappointing and some parts were overlooked.

However, the ” Pixel 6 ” to be released this fall has not evolved in terms of hardware! After all, it is expected that a true flagship model will appear with a chip called ” Google Tensor ” developed independently, but recently The Next Web has achieved that with camera hardware as well. 

I’m reporting that’s right. The camera itself is shabby, but it seems that it will no longer be a smartphone that can take amazing pictures with the power of software.

Isn’t it Equipped With Samsung’s High-Pixel, Large-Sized Sensor? Prediction

First of all, looking back, the camera sensor used in the latest ” Pixel 5 ” at the moment is the Sony IMX363 sensor, which has not changed since the ” Pixel 3 “. This is despite the fact that other companies have been working hard to install cameras with a higher number of pixels. However, in the latest beta code of Android 12, a new description “gn1 _wide_ p21 ” gn1_wide_p21 “, which is thought to be for Pixel 6 and “Pixel 6 Pro”, was found, which points to Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1 sensor. Then? Such a prediction was reported.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that ISOCELL GN1 will be adopted for the camera lens of Pixel 6, the relationship between Google and Samsung can be seen by looking at the ” Galaxy Watch 4 ” that switched to Wear OS recently. It’s very close. Compared to the previous IMX363 sensor, the ISOCELL GN1 sensor is 1 / 1.31 inch larger. It’s no wonder that the Pixel 6’s design looks like that camera bar, as it has to take up more space. If this prediction is true, a stretch 50 megapixel of the wide-angle camera will be adopted. I think you believe that the beauty of the photos that are taken with the Gugun and Pixel 6 will increase ~.

If the Pixel smartphone, which had a reputation for taking beautiful pictures even if the number of pixels is not so large, competes with the latest model of smartphones of other companies with a sensor of 50 million pixels, what kind of amazing camera performance Will it become? It’s rumored that such a dream will grow, but even so, if you raise the level of hardware so far, the selling price will be higher than the Pixel series so far, not tons. There are likely to be more worries. Anyway, as long as I’m looking forward to the official appearance in autumn.

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