Six Characteristics Of a Successful Entrepreneur, Asking The Founders Of Kollar Clothing

Six Characteristics Of a Successful Entrepreneur, Asking The Founders Of Kollar Clothing

Kollar Clothing: Success does not depend on the type of personality, introverted or extroverted. An entrepreneur who is truly successful and achieves his goals has some essential traits that set him apart.

I spoke to celebrity-popular fashion brand Kollar Clothing founder David Kollar about what made him successful.

There Is a Driving Force To Keep Moving Forward.

When I was young, I learned that colour depends on what kind of clothes you wear. Inspired by observing fashionable people and looking confident, he aims to make everyone in Kollar Clothing more confident in their appearance. I decided.

“I was a child who wasn’t very confident. I wasn’t confident, especially when I was wearing less fashionable clothes. When I was able to choose my own clothes and combine them, I felt a certain feeling. I noticed, “explains colour.

Act Voluntarily

You can start a business and succeed without having a formal education. In fact, many of the world’s most successful and renowned entrepreneurs do not have college degrees or formal qualifications. They have a strong desire to learn, grow and develop on their own.

Colour was all self-taught and knowledgeable. I was taught by a mentor, interact with experts, and watched a YouTube tutorial video. He continues to want to be as strong as possible in every aspect of his business, from design to management.


Entrepreneurs must be prepared no matter what happens. The deciding factor for continued success is how well you adapt, stay stable, rethink your thinking, create new things, and renew your products and brands. Without resilience, you’ll be quickly crushed when a challenge stands up or fails. With resilience, you can push forward without losing difficulty. By the time you get over it, you’ll be even stronger than before.

Have Creativity And Problem-Solving Power

Creativity is an essential requirement for entrepreneurs and can be applied to all aspects of business, from product design to management. Entrepreneurs are often required to have free ideas that do not fit into existing frameworks. You have to find creative ways to raise money, raise brand awareness, manage on a tight budget, manage with a limited number of employees, and use your time for multitasking. 

Build And Maintain Relationships

Colour started by saving money and displaying products at trade fairs and expanded its sales channels to smaller stores and major retailers. What made this possible was the relationships that were built up little by little over the years. However, building relationships is only half the equation for a successful business. Maintaining that relationship is key to long-lasting success.

Colour used its power to foster relationships with celebrity customers such as famous basketball player Stephen Curry and singer Shawn Mendes. “We are in regular contact to maintain such long-lasting relationships. About once or twice a month, I send them a personal message. Relationships with them are so important. Whenever I contact them, I try to show my heartfelt interest in what’s happening and finally ask if I need new clothes for the season. ” To tell.

Color also works with users who share their branded products on social media. Connecting with them will definitely support the organizational growth of your brand.


All successful entrepreneurs cite their willingness to move forward, their willingness to move forward, and their strength to compete with anything else. It is necessary to have the motivation and the ability to execute to maximize the chances of moving forward without difficulty and not withdrawing even in the face of adversity. Even if the risk is great, success is surely waiting for you if you try one or eight and are not afraid of difficulties.

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