GTA 6: In The News And Rumours

GTA 6: In The News And Rumours

GTA 6 already has a release date, an announcement highly anticipated by all lovers of one of the most interesting sagas that, in its day, revolutionized the concept of first-person gaming.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, thanks also to the support of GTA Online and the title’s appearance on many platforms, adding its arrival to PC and the incredible mods that can be applied in GTA 5. Now, all eyes are on its next instalment.

Prepared for the new GTA VI

For many months now, we have been awaiting the release date of the new GTA VI, a game that breaks moulds and improves itself with each new instalment. Still, despite the good results of the last ones, the truth is that it is always eager to find a new one that surprises us and takes us into a new world, as it always manages to do.

The Grand Theft Auto saga is very prolific. Titles that have caught the attention of millions of players over the years. These games have had a great evolution, and with the new technologies of these years, the next instalment promises a lot.

Although with all the efforts the Rockstar team put into the new Red Dead Redemption 2, which will soon arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is difficult to have new news about who will be the successors of Franklin, Trevor and Michael.

Although we still do not have official data, the truth is that the rumours have not been long in coming, and there are already many possibilities on the table about the news that would be presented with the latest GTA.

Rumors about GTA VI

In addition to the release date, rumours have often focused on the new introductions that Rockstar has prepared to surprise all fans of this fantastic game.

Despite these being rumours, the truth is that many of them will likely end up becoming a reality, and to put this matter to rest; we leave you a list with some of the most interesting rumours about GTA 6.

A female protagonist for GTA VI

One of the details missing in the GTA saga is the possibility of choosing a female character, which seems to be a thing of the past thanks to the new instalment.

It would undoubtedly be a groundbreaking touch while meeting the requests of many players, and we must not forget that Grand Theft Auto is a game played by both men and women and being able to feel identified in the game helps you enjoy it much more. That the main character is a ‘thug’ is something imperative in the franchise, but not that he is exclusively male. With the switch from male to female characters in much recent content in franchises like Iron Man, Ghostbusters, and other major titles, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Rockstar would introduce a female character.

Since Catalina was in GTA 3, no strong female character has been seen. This could change with GTA 6, with her being a unique character or being part of a group like in the last instalment of the game, where she could change characters.

New maps outside the United States

It has always been expected that Rockstar would give more diversity to the locations of its games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. They have always been on American soil, and this will not change much. However, there will be the opportunity to discover new territories outside the USA.

This new instalment will supposedly be based on Vice City and South America. The game will be focused on the city of Miami, while you will travel to South America for specific missions. Something similar to what could be seen with GTA 5 and North Yankton, a separate site that can only be accessed with missions (and with the occasional trick).

On the other hand, in previous instalments, we were also limited in the sense that all the maps were focused on the US. However, in this instalment, we will also have the possibility of travelling outside the country to visit places like London, Dubai, Tokyo or Brazil, which there is no doubt would be a fantastic success.

Did you miss the old resources? Maybe some of them are back

And, of course, who still needs to catch the chainsaw, the bicycle, health resources instead of automatic regeneration, and some old weapons? Well, after many complaints from players, it seems that, if not all of them, many of them will be back in the next instalment.

Choose a character and adapt the GTA VI game.

More and more news, although for the moment they remain rumours, it seems that it could give a good idea to the developers for GTA 6, who have not at some point wanted to change the role of the game and be able to choose, for example, be a police officer, or even a city businessman who buys buildings for any type of business, a drug dealer, etc.

The new instalment would offer us the possibility of choosing in this sense, something that would be fantastic, among other things, because in this way we would talk about a much more versatile and fun game, allowing us to adapt it to our tastes.

Making a decision can change the course of the game.

And finally, another of the rumours that we liked the most is that GTA 6 could completely change the scheme, offering us a game model in which our decisions would be decisive for its evolution. That is, our actions would have consequences, thus avoiding the linear thread to which we are accustomed and thus achieving a much fresher and more awake game.

In the same way, as with the possibility of choosing a character, this system would allow us to have a game that would not only be more fun but would also completely avoid monotony, and once overcome, we would be eager to start a new game.

Simultaneous release on consoles and PC

One of the big problems that GTA V had for players was that it did not come to PC until long after its launch on consoles. We hope that with this new franchise instalment, the title reaches all platforms equally so that everyone can enjoy the title and not have to wait a couple of years to play it.

Virtual reality support

With current graphics technology and new graphics cards hitting the market quickly, we should be able to see support for virtual reality in GTA 6. Something that, together with being able to play the game in first person, will greatly improve the immersion in the game.

The possibility of travelling through an entire world without limits, in addition to living the experience of carrying vehicles and a jetpack in VR, sounds incredible. Let’s hope Rockstar takes this into account when developing its title.

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