7 ways To Get Valuable Likes On Your Company Fan Page

7 ways To Get Valuable Likes On Your Company Fan Page

Likes of our company profile, right after the evaluation of the service, are one of the best determinants of the value of a given website, and thus also of the company that runs it. They indicate credibility and high quality – unless, of course, they were bought.

What’s more, profile likes allow you to optimize your advertising activities on Facebook better later so that we can reach those who are really interested in the product with our offer. So how do you get valuable likes that will help us in terms of image and advertising? Here are 7 easy ways.

Inviting friends

This is the best method to start with. It allows you to collect a “starting” group of people who became interested in our fan page and provide other Facebook users with knowledge about what we do. It can make your friends’ friends like you – and so on and so on.

This is the magic of Facebook. Of course, this is not a way to build the entire brand strategy, but only to start any activity. Over time, the fewer friends there are among the fans of the site, the better. Ultimately, we want to reach potential customers.

Creating interesting content

Both in the case of activities on the website (supporting visibility in search engine results) and on Facebook, content prepared with users in mind is the basis. Creating interesting content, “giving away” your knowledge and skills, creating tutorials, infographics – this is how the largest companies work, enabling users to find interesting and useful information on their profile.

After all, every industry has something worth sharing. Remember about your target and adapt your brand communication to it. If you want to sell a product to women aged 25 to 40, you can’t target your content to men in this age range.

It is also worth emphasizing that sales posts are unlikely to be able to interest our recipients in the same substantive posts. After all, no one will like a fan page just to get more ads.

Inviting people who liked our post

Since we already have interesting content, we are able to encourage many people to like our posts. And thus – also a fan page. It’s a great way to collect valuable likes that reflect your interest in what your business has to offer.

It is enough to check once a week who liked our posts and invite those who have not yet joined the group of fans. The psychological effect may turn out to be significant – the user receives an invitation not from a specific person but from the brand. If your favourite restaurant or a freshly opened store invites you to like us, we look at such offers much more favourably.

Organization of competitions

This is quite a tricky point. Many companies know perfectly well that competition can generate a lot of interest. However, they are not using it properly (and legally). How many times have you come across the competition rules – if there were any rules at all! One of the requirements to participate was to like the page and share the post? This is an extremely common practice that is… inconsistent with Facebook’s policy.

Of course, this does not stop you from being commonly practised. But why risk it when such likes are not worth much? People who like only because of the competition quickly forget about the website, do not react to subsequent posts, and even less to advertising campaigns.

However, all those who like the contest post can be invited in the same way as we mentioned in the previous point. These types of activities bring you more valuable likes.

Promoting the most interesting posts

Unfortunately, because Facebook is constantly cutting its reach, reaching your fans becomes more and more difficult. It also reduces the real chances of your posts being noticed by outsiders. Therefore, promoting posts is a must when collecting more likes and attracting new people.

It is worth promoting substantive content, posts referring to articles on the website, landing pages or tutorials – everything that will allow the company to present itself as specialists. In this way, we can get a few valuable likes (in the same way as in the above points) and go to the website.

Facebook Ads for page likes

Facebook also allows you to create a dedicated advertisement that will allow us to collect fan page likes. It allows you to like the page directly through an advertising post. Therefore, it should be prepared in terms of the target group and the appropriate slogan and graphics.

Page Like Ads encourages likes, but it should be remembered that if the fan page is not encouraging in terms of content, we can observe a high rate of “dislikes” in a short time.

  • Encouraging likes through the website and at the company’s premises
  • These are perhaps the most “archaic” ways, but they still work perfectly well. Apart from company data, each business card should also have the address of the website and pages on social media. The same must be on the website – preferably in the form of a pop-up informing about the possibility of liking the fan page.

Thanks to this, we inform users that we are available in various media that facilitate communication with the brand. This method is also extremely effective in the case of e-commerce websites, as liking a fan page often means receiving information about the latest promotions and interesting offers.

These are our proven ways to get valuable fan page likes. And what practices do you use in your companies?

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